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A nanotechnology commercialisation ecosystem that is
competitive, innovative and sustainable

Energising Industries through Nanotechnology Commercialisation

iNanovation is designed for companies to establish market share, introduce new process/material and switch from current conventional to nanotechnology-enabled.

This programme will be focus on the industries, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and start-up companies through the iNanovation platform which consists of:

These facilitation scheme includes Venture funds, Soft loans, Business partners and Technology Expertise.

Through investment and equity stake-holding, we ensure the deliverables of projects, and earned profits from the ventures are looped into iNanovation to ensure fresh funds are available for new nanotechnology ventures

iNanovation Push

'PUSH' nanotechology products into the market
Assist local Start-Ups and SMEs in setting foothold in current markets
Eligibility: Local SMEs/Start-ups & Foreign Companies

iNanovation Pull

Product development and prototyping joint-venture for industry-RI-academia collaborations. Monetisation via licensing or outright sales.
Improve products, increasing market share and venture into new markets.
Eligibility: Local SMEs/Start-ups/Foreign companies with local collaborator.

iNanovation 'SWITCH'

For Large Companies, SMEs and Startups to enhance its current production process from conventional manufacturing to nanotechnology-enabled process
Improve products, increasing market share and venture into new markets
Eligibility: Local SMEs/Start Ups