Product development of graphene-based conductive adhesives

Product development of graphene-based conductive adhesives

Bonding Technology Resources Sdn Bhd

Bonding Technology Resources Sdn Bhd

National Graphene Action Plan 2020

Product Development

Electronic Devices & Systems, Food & Agriculture

Future: Completed



Under the NGAP2020 initiative, Bonding Technology Resources Sdn Bhd has been selected to develop graphene-based adhesives for automotive application. Bonding Technology have more than 40 years experiences in adhesives but graphene is still new to them.  However, they are targeting to develop high impact as well as conductive graphene based adhesives.

In recent years, a substantial amount of research has been carried out on the fabrication of polymer nanocomposites reinforced by graphene as adhesives. The high mechanical properties of the adhesives are prior suitable for structural performance of materials but on the electrical properties part, this kind of adhesive is  promising alternatives for traditionally used lead-based or lead free solders in electronic packaging industries.

Graphene based adhesives are not only possess good mechanical and electrical properties but it also lighter and have low environmental impact. Additionally, it offers many other advantages over traditional solders, including milder operating conditions, fewer processing steps, reduced thermo-mechanical residual stress on the substrate, and finer-pitch capability.


Benefits :

- Exceptional electrical conductivity

- Outstanding thermal conductivity

- Better enhancement of heat transfer